Welcome to Bell Sound

Bell Sound Studios has provided high-quality production and post-production services since 1965. Our engineers welcome any audio or video project.

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Beth Quimby

Barbara Cochetas

  • Audio
    • Recording/Mixing
      • ADR/Dubbing/Dialogue replacement
      • Voice Over/Narration
      • Music
      • Surround Sound/Dolby 5.1
    • Sound Editing
      • Sound Design/SFX
      • Sound Restoration/Cleaning
    • Remote Connections
      • ISDN Services
      • Source-Connect Certified Studio
      • Phone Patch Sessions
      • Skype Connections
    • Other
      • Closed Captioning
      • Archiving and Storage
  • Video
    • Production
      • Shooting (HD/Digital Cinema)
      • Gaff and Lighting Services
      • Grip and Rigging Services
      • Location Sound Recording
      • Still Photography/Set Stills Data Backup/Media Archiving and Storage
    • Post-Production
      • Ingest and Transcoding (Cluster Services)
      • Editing
      • Titling and Motion Graphics
      • Color Correction
      • Compositing/Keying/Rotoscoping
      • Online Editing/Finishing
  • Graphic Design
    • CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs and cases
    • Logos
    • Stationary
    • Business cards
    • Posters
    • Web banners/Flash banners
    • One Sheets
  • Deliverables
    • File-Based Deliverables
      • DG Certified for all HD/SD formats
      • Dedicated in-house secure file server
      • Standard FTP/YouSendIt/Dropbox services
      • Portable hard drives
    • Data Discs/DVD/Blu-ray
      • Authoring
      • Short run dubbing (sub 100 runs)
    • File-Based Deliverables
      • LTO tape archiving
      • Closed Captioning
      • HD/SD tape mastering
      • HD/SD tape dubbing
      • HDCAM SR/HDCAM/D5/DigiBeta

Studio A

Studio A is our premiere and largest studio. Studio A features a Neve 8232 console with a ProTools HDX 2 system capable of 128 digital audio tracks at a sample rate of 192khz. The system provides 48 analog inputs and outputs for recording and mixing.

The control room was designed and built by renowned studio designer Vincent van Haaff, and the tracking room acoustics were designed and built by Scott Putnam and Associates. Music recording and mixing, ADR, Foley, and larger post-production sessions are ideal for Studio A.

Studio B

Studio B is a very client-friendly room. The large control room comfortably accommodates four clients plus an engineer. The tracking room is large enough to record four talent at one time (five if you want to get cozy). The large HD video monitor ensures that your talent can easily see the video for looping or ADR sessions. Studio B features the Digidesign ICON D-Control surface for 100% recall of your session and all its parameters, providing efficient re-mixes and fixes later down the road. Studio B is perfect for medium-to-large audio post sessions, ADR/looping, and voice-over recording sessions.

Studio X

Studio X is a cozy studio. The control room feels like a luxurious cigar lounge with its comfy oversized leather chairs, rich dark wood paneling and unique lighting design. This relaxing room is wonderful for recording voice-over, ISDN connections, and smaller audio post-production sessions.

The Studio X name developed because our president, John Osiecki, is always experimenting with new hardware and software in this room, keeping Bell Sound on the cutting edge of technology. Peek in next time to see what John is up to or listen to his musings on string theory and quantum physics… Quite a treat.

Studio D

Studio D is a new type of studio at Bell Sound. Not only does it possess all the audio capability of our other studios, it is also built for a wide variety of video projects. Video editorial, title design, motion graphics, color-correction, and graphic design projects are all welcome in this well-equipped studio. Many high-end GPU and video cards ensure that render times are minimal and productivity is maximized. We see an emerging trend in post-production: Clients' needs for high-quality video and audio services along with tight deadlines require artists and engineers to work faster while maintaining the highest quality. This hybrid studio will meet the challenge.